Bedroom Games: Show me yours and I’ll show you mine!!

Tell us about your musical instruments and send us some photos. Which bands do you aspire to and which ones have you fantasised about sharing the stage with?

Alex, from Glasgow:
Here’s number 1. It’s my Fender Korean Strat from 1989. It’s got a few dings but still plays great and the white finish has yellowed nicely to a finish appropriate for its age. I bought this new for £175.
I hummed and hawed about the finish I wanted at the time but at the end of the day plumped for this. After all, if a white one was good enough for Jimi Hendrix, albeit in left handed format. Also, when I’m playing the right notes for once, I can shut my eyes and it morphs into a battered Sunburst and I’m suddenly the late lamented Rory Gallagher in his Blues rock heyday. There’ll be no “Messin with the Kid”!

Next up is my 1988 Acoustic. It’s badged Epiphone by Gibson and has been an old faithful. It needs an appointment with an understanding luthier as it’s dropped a section of neck binding. It still sounds great on a new set of strings though and I love picking it up for five minutes then wondering where the last hour went. Does all sorts of stuff but Neill Young has been responsible for a lot of the chord progressions that it has endured.

Now for number 3. This is a 1996 Gibson SG. Someone I knew owed me some money at the turn of the century and we settled the debt with the SG. It’s humbucking good, it doesn’t get as much use as the stratovarious but when it comes out, it plugs into a tasty Marshall cabinet and the volume, as Spinal Tap says, goes up to 11.
At eye closing time, I’m Robby Kreiger from the Doors or even on wilder excursions Angus Young from AC/DC. When it’s Black Sabbath time we can also do a feeble impersonation of Tony Iommi. It’s all good fun though. Here it is….needs a new set of strings.

Here’s the latest but probably not the last. It’s my Fender P Bass. As an enthusiastic user of an old Fostex 4track cassette recorder I decided that rather than putting down bass tracks from a keyboard I really should embrace a long neck. I’m still getting to grips with it and maybe getting a bit better. Unlikely Pino Palladino from the Who, replacement for John Entwistle or even Roger Waters from Pink Floyd needs to worry about me ousting them. But as I’ve always said, if you can’t dream in your bedroom…

Hope you were moderately interested in the exposure of my deeper fantasies. This seems like a good site to air them. I’d like to see what other stringed treasures peeps have for their own amusement. Keep on Strummin…………….


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