More Great News from Bossk and a New T-Shirt Design

Yesterday we shared some brilliant photos of Bossk playing live at Nottingham’s Rock City club. The band are back impressing live audiences and here at Eyesore Merch we are looking forward to their live appearance at the Damnation Festival in Leeds where they will be playing on the Eyesore Merch sponsored stage!

In further Bossk news we want to share with you a new track entitled “Pick Up Artist” that the band have made available to download for free from their website – click here to go download this awesome new track.

Bossk - download the new track Pick Up Artist

Eyesore Merch have also got a new “Pick Up Artist” t-shirt design available to pre-order from our website; this adds to our already awesome Bossk t-shirt range that features limited edition t-shirt designs and a tote bag.

It’s brilliant to see new material from the band as well as the live performance, both of which are getting us excited for a future new album!

Bossk - Pick Up Artist t-shirt


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