Album Review: Cherri Bomb ‘This Is The End Of Control’

“No way, no never! Don’t tell me what to do!” Cherri Bomb are confident with their album’s opening small track Take This Now, even if they just seem an all-teenage-girl band they’re more, some already fans defined them the “new hope for rock”. What’s my opinion? Well…the album rocks! In every single way! Just starting with the title THIS IS THE END OF CONTROL.

Cherri Bomb

Their ages range from 14 to 16 and already, the Californian quartet (Julia: guitar, Miranda: guitar and keyboard, Nia: drums, Rena: bass) has toured with bands like Foo Fighters (whose The Pretender has been covered in the band’s first EP) and Smashing Pumpkins and has grown its own fanbase: the BombSquad.

This masterpiece is full of potential hits: the second song on the album is Better This Way where they claim their independence and scream their presence to the world of music, not definitely what you’d expect from girls of their age!

Raw.Real. is the lead single of the album “Follow rules or rebel” – Rena screams, – “Say a prayer as I sin” they want to compare themselves with modern artists, but I personally think that the lyrics that more sum up the whole album are “LET’S UNITE, VICTORY!”; a perfect portrait of the entire band, they win. There’s no front woman or lead singer, there’s just a band.

Shake The Ground was part of The Avengers Soundtrack (Cherri Bomb can shake the ground more than those heroes can!) and some of its lyrics also give the name to the LP, the grooving riff proves that they are not only serious, but they can face in the rock industry. THIS is definitely THE END OF CONTROL.

Too Many Faces, Act The Part and Paper Doll deal with how their image could be seen and interpreted by the audience and also with people who change themselves just to please others, they’re definitely not like that! “So I smile to the camera and I act my part”…”I’m not here to break your fall, I won’t be your Paper Doll”.

Let It Go was one of the songs contained in their first EP STARK, it sounds like a radio-friendly tune with its repeating “I just can’t let it go, just won’t let it go…etc” sung by all the girls.

Sacrificial Lamb and Heart Is A Hole are the dark sides of the album: the first cryptical one sung by the redhead drummer, Nia, with teen themes of rebellion rises to the ears thanks to its continuous drums’ sound; the second one is a dark ballad about the tragic end of a love “Nothing to fill this heart that’s a hole”.

In the end the vibes of the songs Drawing A Blank and Hold On will definitely convince you to give the girl a serious look – “We gotta hold on to each other”.

Be scared of what Cherri Bomb will reach in future.

Album review by Erika M.

Erika M