Album Review: Goat ‘World Music’

I have been waiting for the full length release from Goat for some time now, Rocket Recordings released the Goatman 7″ single and we have been teased for a number of months with a cassette release (which I was too slow to pick up) and some uploads to YouTube.

These releases gave a hint to what we could expect from Goat… the dark, voodoo feel of the music is often picked up on as is the afrobeat feel of the rhythms but what sets this music apart is how these grooves are alloyed with wild shrieks of awesome guitar work and chant-like, soulful vocals which often build up through the tracks dragging the music higher, the percussion making you dance faster and the lead guitar throwing you into some kind of pyschedelic trance when it cuts through the mix… then the track ends and you are left dazed, confused and ready to do it all over again.

Goat - Orange Vinyl on Rocket Recordings

The attention to detail from Rocket Recordings is as high as usual and the orange vinyl is housed in a fantastic cut-out W M sleeve. Rocket Recordings produce stunning artwork and packaging that match the quality of the music they release; the end result is something to hold, treasure, play to friends and not forget about… a feeling that MP3s tend not to be able to match.

Diarabi eases us into the world of Goat on side A but we quickly find ourselves hit by a quick one-two of psychedelic blasts via Goatman and the stand-out track from side A, Goathead. Goathead gently winds down before the organs of Disco Fever quickly pick up the groove once again.

Side A ended with an organ line spiralling through the track and Let it Bleed on Side B sees horns enter the melting pot…The horns wail while the intensity of the chanting vocal line builds and then vanishes… voodoo ain’t forever!

Goat – Goathead

It’s hard to pin point a single track, what Goat have done is create an album that flows from the start to finish, and with vinyl you get that wonderful moment where side A ends the needle runs into the groove, you lift and flip the sweet piece of orange vinyl and drop the needle for another side of pyschedelic jams.

Goat – Let it Bleed

This isn’t the sound of the paisley underground, this is the sound of a heavy psychedelic jugganaut that has been injected with a primal dose of voodoo… the rhythms are fast, complex and swing with a mean groove – and over the voodoo magic of the rhythm unit washes the soulful voice and searing blasts of guitar… if the rhythms are of the earth then the vocals and guitar are straight out of the aether… hunt this down and worship at the primal altar of Goat.

Goat - World Music


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