T-Shirt of the month

Since we love T-Shirts so much we decided that we would start a monthly blog where we choose one awesome design from our store each month, say a few words about why it is so awesome and then post it here for you to ponder/comment/suggest better designs/tell us our taste is crap/tell us our taste is amazing or simply be impartial.

This months T-Shirt of the month: Metallica ‘Eye Of The Beholder’ T-Shirt

I absolutely love this design. It has such a cool retro style about it and the colour combinations are really striking. I love the light blue logo and text against the pinkish/beige of the 4 face segments. Question is, can you tell which band member is which from the 4 squares? (I can’t).

Also, and I actually only just realised this… the theme works rather well for EYEsore Merch, right!?! The large eye in the background with the 4 squares containing an eye from each band member (James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Jason Newsted). Perhaps for the sake of this post we can call the design ‘Eyesore Of The Beholder’.

For me, this shirt evokes many memories of a distant teenage youth when my friends and I were just discovering the joy of heavy metal and rock music. There is something about this shirt that takes me right back to those days. I was and still am a huge fan of Metallica’s ‘And Justice For All…’ so this shirt is high on the list of all time killer T-Shirt designs.

Buy the shirt here: http://eyesoremerch.com/metallica-eye-of-the-beholder-t-shirt.html


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