Damnation Festival 2012: We have merch!

Damnation Festival is the UK’s premier one-day metal event; giving a voice to the underground, a stage to the shunned and and a much-needed shot in the arm to a starved British scene… and Eyesore Merch are extremely proud to be sponsoring the event and hosting one of the 3 stages. Plus we have a great selection of merch from some of the top bands on this years bill available over at our store. Bands include: Electric Wizard, Pig Destroyer, Bossk, Gama Bomb and Extreme Noise Terror.

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This awesome 1-day event is happening on Saturday the 3rd of November at the Leeds, UK, Metropolitan University.

Since its bold inception in Manchester eight years ago, the event has grown to a three-stage behemoth in Leeds, catering for vastly varied tastes from crust and grind through extreme metal to the soothing tones of post-rock.

Backed by Terrorizer magazine, Eyesore Merch and Peaceville Records and fuelled by Jägermeister, Damnation Festival has hosted remarkable performances over the years with the likes of Devin Townsend Project, Carcass, Godflesh, My Dying Bride, Ulver, Life of Agony, Napalm Death, Therapy?, Kreator and The Dillinger Escape Plan writing themselves into the history books.


EP Review: Christina Parie ’16 & Unstoppable’

After Christina Parie finished sixth on Australia’s third season of The X Factor, she didn’t let that stop her – keeping on song writing, cover recording, meeting across the ocean, even earning a support spot on Simple Plan’s Australian ‘Get Your Heart On’ tour (after they watched her “Jet Lag” cover on YouTube), until she finally landed a record deal with Warner Music Australia.

Christina Parie

The debut EP from the Australian version of Avril Lavigne marked her entrance in the pop punk world. It contains 5 songs and the title explains it all, 16 & UNSTOPPABLE. It also is the first single from the EP, a catchy pop song, and the music video show some reckless guys having fun round the town (it also raised controversy because of Christina and friends’ bully behaviour in the video) “Hot boys, hot girls, outta control. Late night, play fights, that’s how we roll. Don’t tell us to turn it down ’cause you’re too old if it’s too loud”.

The Veronicas wrote one of the tracks, Back To Life, a melting ballad about getting back our own lives after a breakup. “Big deal, you and I ’cause we nerver really got it right […] I’m gonna get back to life”.

Sorta Wanna Be With You and Ex Oh both deal with the common teenage girl problems such as love, indecisive boyfriends, parties, friends, growing up and the fear of the future. The Sydney’s 16 year old rock chick’s irony characterizes the lyrics.

My Life Story points on Christina’s decision to be part of the music world and industry, but still remaining herself creating “her own movie”.

The EP ends up being pop, youthful catchy, youthful, pop with a pop punk influence deriving from her favourite singers and idols, I’m sure the EP is only the beginning and I hope a future full-length album will be more various and maybe it will attract a larger audience than teenage “Fringelets” girls.

Album review by Erika M.

Erika M